Swallow that Pride and Accept Help

My wife and I are parents to a 15 year-old and an infant who was born on Boxing Day 2016. Our teenager’s story is long, better suited to a later post, but we became his permanent home on his 12th birthday. It’s a bit of an age gap, but such is life when blended families come together. It’s also a good thing when the mix is right. Our teen, despite having the regular ‘qualities’ of a person his age, is responsible, productive and good with kids. He’s a good student, involved in various social initiatives at his school, and he plays varsity sports. Our precious little bundle is lucky to have a big brother he can look up to, and despite having his own commitments, we can rely on him to change a diaper from time to time.

In our small seaside community, we have a core group of friends and connections who are very gracious when help is needed. People say “it takes a village,” and one thing I have learned in the last few weeks is that this couldn’t be more true. When you are in the midst of re-arranging your life, finding new routines and trying to build some semblance of normalcy back into your day-to-day, a hot meal delivered to your door feels like the most thoughtful thing anyone could do for you. A visit from a friend or family member can mean the world. The opportunity to take a nap can feel like a weight lifted from your shoulders. You need groceries, diapers, wipes, a breast pump, any number of items, and when the nearest shopping center is an hour away you have little time to go out. We all like to feel independent, and pride is a powerful thing. My advice is to swallow that pride, accept help when it’s offered, and pay it forward when you can.




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