Decisions Decisions: Sports?

My wife is a Zumba instructor. Our 15-year-old works out most mornings and plays soccer, basketball, and volleyball on his high school teams. I enjoy Zumba as often as possible, and I do combination weightlifting and bodyweight workouts 6 days a week. We all enjoy the benefits of sport in our home. Sport contributes to … Continue reading Decisions Decisions: Sports?


Don’t Worry Dads, it’s Okay to Gush

I'm going to talk about being a 'blue collar' Dad today, at least my own experience and my take on one aspect of it. You may feel it's the same in 'white collar' culture, and if you do I encourage you to comment. My experience in the 'white collar' world is very limited so far, … Continue reading Don’t Worry Dads, it’s Okay to Gush